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Golf…is it a Head Game?

“…this much is certain: golf is a game in which attitude of mind counts for incomparably more than mightiness of muscle.” – Arnold Haultain, 1908

Golf is known as a “head game” because the golfer has to stay in the right headspace at all times.  When people look to improve their golf game they are very quick to change their swing dynamic, increase core strength or even change their ball.  All of these factors do play a role in improving one’s game but an element commonly overlooked is a player’s mind set.  A bad shot, loud roar of the crowd, or even loud squawks in the trees can negatively affect a player’s focus.  Once distracted a player’s whole game can turn to shambles.

An important factor in achieving emotional fitness is learning how to “get in the zone”. The ability to clear the mind of racing thoughts and focus on the activity at hand is particularly relevant in any performance. This is the frame of mind that enables you to roll with the punches and face the world around you with a sense of comfort and calm.  Our program teaches you “A” – how to get in the zone “B” – how to stay in the zone and “C” – how to neutralize the triggers that may push you out of the zone.  You will be surprised to discover that this state is easy to achieve when you learn how.

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