“I was your patient some years ago and you saved my life… Since then my life has been very good to me. I have now retired early and live where I always wanted to be.”

“It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done to quit smoking, I don’t know how I did it”

“I’ve got my life back!”

“I haven’t smoked a cigarette since the new year”

“I don’t desire them; the treatment cost a fraction of what I spent on cigarettes”

“I never thought I could control my hot flashes and I’m even sleeping better”

‘With IBS chocolate was the vein of my life!  Now I don’t eat chocolate and Metamorphosis seems to have solved my IBS problem too!!”

“After realizing the trigger to my hot flashes I can control them!”

“Thanks Metamorphosis!  Your treatment worked almost immediately and I no longer have my cravings”

“Thank you for your support!  You have been not only professional but caring… I feel privileged to be under your care.”